On-Demand Beauty Services App

The app is conveniently connecting busy people with highly qualified and recommended beauty and wellness professionals near by, so they can stay in style even when they're on the go. At the tap of an app, professionals will be at the door step ready to provide world-class hair, makeup, nails, massage, and much more.

On-Demand Home Services App

The app offers a collage of services that features: Home cleaning services, Electrical and Plumbing services, Driver on Demand services, AC repairing and maintaining services, Laundry services, Pest Control services, Carpenter services and House Painting services.

We use the best tools for the job.

Native mobile applications, cross-platform hybridapplications, stunning web properties, chat bots, voice interfaces(Alexa Skills, NLP), enterprise applications, clickable prototypes,user experience designs, and visual strategies.

Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency Trading App

Cryptocurrency trading app for Android users launched on Google Play Store. The app allows users to trade coins like bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, neo, and users can store Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Neo and other digital currencies securely on the go.

Fashion E-Commerce App

With this app, users are able to shop any merchandise they like at anytime and anywhere. Users can also interact with over 10,000,000+ fans to share the shopping experience. A custom pulse module generates personalized recommendations and discount offers for users based on their shopping preferences and budget.

Our Process

One of the contributing factors in our ability to deliver stellar work product is our process. It has evolved over several years of experimenting with project planning and delivery best practices.

IP Protection

We appreciate that everything begins with a spark contained in a great idea. We start by making sure that your Intellectual Property is safe. To facilitate the ongoing integrity of your confidential information, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Concept Validation

One of the traits that separate us from other service providers is that we play on the side of our customers and that includes guiding and mentoring them on the feasibility and viability of their product.


We leverage our decades-worth of rich product experience to ideate with and on behalf of our customers. Our product monetization mindset introduces the right talking points and considerations into the product design and architecture discussion.

Scope Finalization

It’s easy to get distracted and add tons of features to the MVP. Our experienced Product and Project Managers keep the feature list discussions honest by focussing on the essentials for the MVP and scaling out from there.

On-Demand Taxi App

The app leads in end-to-end personal transportation services and expand to Hyper-local services that people use in their everyday lives. The app-driven experience transforms the way people travel and transport their goods.

Web Applications, Dashboards and Reports

Data-driven dashboards and analytics help you learn more about your customers and create strategies to personalize their digital experiences.

Our Clients Love Us!

Nothing beats the euphoria when our customers say beautiful things about us. The fact that we’re able to leave a positive impact on the lives of our customers and customer’s customers keeps us motivated.