Intellectual Property Protection

We appreciate that everything begins with a spark contained in a great idea. We start by making sure that your Intellectual Property is safe. To facilitate the ongoing integrity of your confidential information, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Concept Validation

One of the traits that separate us from other service providers is that we play on the side of our customers and that includes guiding and mentoring them on the feasibility and viability of their product.


We leverage our decades-worth of rich product experience to ideate with and on behalf of our customers. Our product monetization mindset introduces the right talking points and considerations into the product design and architecture discussion.

Scope Finalization

It’s easy to get distracted and add tons of features to the MVP. Our experienced Product and Project Managers keep the feature list discussions honest by focussing on the essentials for the MVP and scaling out from there.

Project Kick-Off

Post MVP consensus-building, the dedicated Project Manager kicks things off and forms the project team. This team’s sole objective is to build a stellar product for you and get it to the market (including internal enterprise audiences) within the allocated time.

User Experience-Based Designs

We are strong proponents of visual cues and create actual visual prototypes to put things in perspective. These designs focus on the end customer (our customer’s customer) and create experiences that are meaningful and generate a positive sentiment.

Development & Quality Assurance

In this phase, the dev ninjas start building the core of the product, and the gatekeepers (QA: Quality Assurance team) ensures nothing gets to the audiences unless it meets the burden of proof - quality-wise and feature-wise. The teams work on multi-week Sprint cycles in sync with Agile best practices.

Launch & Viral Marketing

The journey doesn’t end until the product is on the computers or mobile devices of your intended users. Our full-stack marketers help you curate a plan to launch your product and get it the eye-balls it needs from the right audiences.

Applied Machine Learning

The product is live, and data is rolling in - our machine-learned algorithms are learning from this data and plotting it for you in the form of graphs and dashboards to help you grow your business by
making informed decisions.

Data-driven Product Iteration

The depth of the success of the MVP will define the next iteration of the product. The features to focus on, epics from the backlog to polish, and the feedback to act upon from real customers using the product in real-life scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we sign an NDA to inspire the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

Honest answer – it varies. Typically, it takes 8-12 weeks contingent on the number of platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) that you are targeting and on the complexity of the feature set.

YES! Our teams work on Sprint cycles, and you can pivot along the way as more information becomes available to build and grow your mobile app.

Yes. We are a professional services company and led by folks who have been in software development realm for decades.

Yes, our team of creative marketers and growth hackers will work with you to create a marketing launch and growth plan that helps you reach out to your target base.

It depends. We need to learn a bit about your requirements to be able to answer this. Please click here to connect with our product specialist.

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