What is the relationship between climate change and operating an on-demand home services app business?







Climate change is causing unprecedented and unplanned-for shift in energy production and consumption patterns.


New Delhi at 47 degrees Celsius.

Paris at 41 degrees Celsius.

Brussels at 40 degrees Celsius.

London at 36 degrees Celsius.

Melting glaciers adding fresh water to oceans at an alarming rate.

Repeat polar vortex situations over the eastern seaboard in the U.S.

Short, compressed seasons of intense heat or cold followed by a quick reversal.

Most cities across the world are unprepared for this global catastrophe. Traditionally cooler cities do not even have provision for fans let alone air conditioners.

Increased energy demand has strained the electrical grids – take New York, for example. A Manhattan-wide outage in July blacked out the island for 5 hours.

These changes and consequences have primed the economy for on-demand home services apps.

The consumers expect technicians to be available at the tap of their fingers when electrical surges, water shortage and similar issues fry out the circuits at home or work.

Here’s FocalCode’s recipe for on-demand home services app business:

1. Begin with a niche of services – Electricians, Plumbers or Cleaners. Once you have setup a loyal client base, then advance to other on-demand services such as Pool Cleaners, Laundry, Car Washers, Nannies, etc.

2. Setup an expert team of service professional / technicians (we call them Runners) that can provide quality services for each customer task.

3. Manually assign each customer task to a matching service technician based on your understanding of the task and technician’s expertise.

4. Once you achieve a bit of scale, automate the assignment of a service technician based on FocalCode’s algorithm of tens of markers (parameters) that identify the best person for the job adding a unique level of efficiency and optimization in your setup.

5. When you’re ready to completely automate the setup, use FocalCode’s Service Selection Assistant to offer a list of Service Technician names to your customers so that they can select the person they would like to visit their premise. This comes in very handy once your brand name is rising and customers want to work with their favorites technicians.

6. Service pricing – FocalCode’s patentable system allows you to offer multiple pricing options to you customers. You could offer services at a fixed-cost – example: USD 20 flat-fee to replace a faucet. You could also price the service by the hour in case it’s impossible to predict how long it would take for your technician to service a job – for example: USD 40 for the first hour, USD 30 for the next hour and USD 25 for every hour thereafter with billing in 15-minute increments.

7. Tracking – keep a real-time handle and check on where your service technicians are at any point in time when they’re on a clock. Our super easy and friendly mapping and GPS system tracks your team and fleet.

8. Ratings and reviews – any brand name is built and destroyed by the quality of services offered. The only convenient benchmark available to businesses in the modern day is rating (and review). Our two-way system allows your customers to rate your service technicians and your technicians to rate your customers. This keeps the system honest.

9. Collect Payments – of course, you’re not running a charity. Easily collect payments through FocalCode’s Payments solution for your on-demand business. Use credit card payments or collect cash – your call.

10. Disburse Payments – you could be working with a team of freelancers or have an in-house team of service technicians. You need to pay them in any case. Our superior Reporting and Numbers crunching system gives you a bird’s-eye view of how much you owe to each technician on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly-basis.

11. Automate payments disbursal – our fully-integrated payments solution (available in select countries) allows you to collect payments from your customers and disburse to the technician in real time – for example: customer pays USD 100, your business retains USD 20 (at 20% commission) and the rest – USD 80 – is automatically routed to the bank account of the technician.


12. Configure visibility of services – you can our solution’s A/B and Multivariate testing engine to only launch services in limited geographies to test, perfect the service and then mass launch it.

All of this and more are available at a super-affordable subscription-based pricing. Speak with a customer success ninja NOW and launch your on-demand home services app business.

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