The secret sauce for matching and assigning service providers in an on-demand beauty app.

In an on-demand economy, service providers/technicians/specialists service the tasks/jobs requested by customers, typically at the convenience and location of customer’s residence or workplace.

Consider on-demand beauty apps, for example.

The matching and assignment happen through the beauty services app.

A customer views a list of available services such as hair care, facial masks, nails, massage, spa, foot care, hand care, and so forth. They select one or multiple services that they need.

The on-demand beauty app presents an estimated total of how much it would cost to provide those services.


Consider the caveats:

  1. Customers have favorites – they might only want to work with a beautician that they like from before
  2. The platform (read the app owner) might only be interested in providing an available beautician at the time of service booking
  3. A single beautician could fulfill not all services requested by the customer – it might require people with different skills – nails and hair care, for example
  4. There may not be any available beautician at the requested booking time

On-demand platform

It is not trivial to find an optimal solution to these conflicting statements.

FocalCode’s on-demand platform provides a solution for each of these situations through a proprietary algorithm that optimizes the business workflow based on the current location.

The business does not get locked into a single workflow.

On-demand matching and assignment algorithm

Our Automation and Artificial Intelligence experts have created a paradigm using which the on-demand services can be delivered using multiple workflows concurrently to provide the best experience to the customer in the context of their situation.

Our algorithms work on many parameters, including and not limited to:

  1. customer location
  2. service provider location
  3. types of services
  4. time of day/peak hours
  5. current business volume
  6. repeat vs new customers
  7. loyalty programs
  8. customer rating (given by beauticians)
  9. service provider/beautician rating (given by customers)
  10. beautician skills and certifications
  11. promotions and marketing initiatives

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