Happy stomach, happy mind, positive outlook toward life.

Oh well, at least in theory.

Gastronomy has always been at the epicenter of human existence.

Good food, good wine (ahem!) and good company – what else could one ask for.

The Uber-for-X phenomenon has unleashed a new wave of creative, social Engineering that has brought food delivery to the doorsteps of hungry people and as the keyword goes – on-demand.


Food delivery has always existed. The difference is that it was limited to Pizza before Uber revolutionized the concept of on-demand and made it omni present and omni sought.

Food of various types, genres, flavors, spices, cuisines and what not is now available at the tap of your fingers.

You could run your on-demand food delivery business in broadly one of two modes –

  1. On-demand food delivery Marketplace
  2. On-demand food delivery Restaurant

In the marketplace model, your food delivery business acts as an aggregator of menu (read food items) across various restaurants that you have onboarded to your business setup.

In the Restaurant model, your food delivery business offers menu only from your restaurant that you own and operate.

Here’s a comparative table:

Uber for Food App FeatureMarketplace ModelRestaurant Model
Menu optionsAcross a bunch of restaurantsOnly your restaurant
Delivery People (or Runners)Your staff / contractorsYour staff / contractors
Revenue splitYou earn a commission for every order placed through the on demand food app – the rest goes to the restaurant ownerAll revenue is yours
Number of appsFor you, customer, delivery person (runner) and restaurant ownerFor you, customer and delivery person (runner)

FocalCode’s on-demand food delivery platform enables you to run your food delivery business in either of the two modes.


And, in case, you were wondering – yes, the setup allows you to run an on-demand food delivery marketplace app with YOUR restaurant as one of the marketplace options – it doesn’t get better than this.

To learn more about FocalCode’s on-demand food delivery app and platform, speak with one of our customer success ninjas NOW!

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